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Developed for the NHS, Curo is the only end-to-end sustainable, innovative solution to clinical waste that can save the NHS £millions and reduce the carbon impact of processing clinical waste by up to 95%. The waste revolution starts here.
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Curo gives the opportunity for the NHS to


Reduce the carbon impact of processing clinical waste by up to 95%

Piggy bank

Revenue savings of over £200 million over 5 years


Generate 303 MWh of energy per year

The solution

Why we're the perfect partner for you

Curo is revolutionising how the NHS tackles its clinical waste problem, providing the opportunity for Trusts and Health Boards to make significant financial savings and reduce environmental impact. We have designed and engineered an integrated end-to-end sustainable solution that can process waste directly on-site.

The clinical waste challenge

Clinical waste has become a hospital’s highest financial and environmental cost. The storage, treatment and disposal of the waste is now a global concern for the healthcare sector. The generation and disposal of clinical waste requires resources, materials, space and staff time – all of which contributes to the unseen ‘true cost’ of waste in the NHS.

Currently the NHS outsources the disposal of its clinical waste to external providers where it is mainly collected weekly by diesel-fuelled lorries and transported miles off site for disposal. Most clinical waste still goes to landfill or incineration. Each year across the NHS...

176,000 tonnes

of clinical waste is produced across acute and maternity NHS beds

123,000 tonnes

of CO2 created

£77 million

spent on waste transportation and processing costs
The challenge

Curo’s impact

The financial savings and environmental benefits Curo can create per year could equate to (*Averages taken from Trust specific detail of 2 DGH and 2 Acute Trusts):


average saving of £83.25 per bed (inc; capital costs)*


average revenue saving of £310.84 per bed*


average CO2 saving of 816.92Kg per bed*

Curo in operation

NHS Orkney found that a new waste management solution could help them towards their goal of decreasing their carbon footprint.

Curo was able to understand NHS Orkney’s challenges and concerns and provide a suitable explanation of how they could help NHS Orkney become more independent and sustainable in their waste management system.


reduction in CO2 emissions


equivalent carbon offset cost (pa)


annual waste saving

Pioneering the future of clinical waste

A bespoke process

  • Process design is implemented to the Trust or Health Board’s requirements
  • Curo meets all EA. SEPA & NRW regulations and compliance standards with training and education provided by experts
  • Curo units are mobile and small enough to locate on-site and our solution ensures the waste never goes into the ground

Real benefits

  • Treated waste can be converted to power and/or materials extracted or recycled
  • Additional energy can be sold on to generate revenue and biomass pellets can be used as an alternative fuel source
  • Reduction in logistics requirements
Curo benefits

Making waste. Work.

Working in partnership towards a greener NHS, the waste revolution starts here.
Let's get to work

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