Pioneering the future of clinical waste

The NHS has committed to reducing its carbon footprint by 80% by 2040 (Greener NHS Plan - Pathway NetZero). Curo can convert clinical waste to general waste, giving significant cost savings, as well as the option to then turn waste into floc for energy or recyclable materials - both of which can generate income for the Trust or Health Board and create a circular economy.

*Averages taken from Trust specific detail of 2 DGH and 2 Acute Trusts.


Average CO2 saving of 816.92Kg per bed*


Average revenue saving of £310.84 per bed*


Average saving of £83.25 per bed (inc; capital costs)*

Benefits of Curo for your NHS organisation

NHS Orkney found that a new waste management solution could help them towards their goal of decreasing their carbon footprint.

2040 net zero

target achieved with the help of Curo

330 MWh

electric generation benefit per year

Over £200million

revenue potential savings over 5 years

Re-use, recycle and re-purpose

A bespoke process

  • Process design is implemented to the Trust or Health Board’s requirements
  • Curo meets all EA. SEPA & NRW regulations and compliance standards with training and education provided by experts
  • Curo units are mobile and small enough to locate on-site and our solution ensures the waste never goes into the ground

Innovative technology

  • Reduces the volume of waste by circa 70% and turns hazardous clinical waste into floc which can be reused, creating a circular economy
  • Compliance software supplied to enable continuous monitoring and reporting
  • Completely self-contained ‘plug and play’ solution which can be operated on-site by NHS staff once trained

Real benefits

  • Treated waste can be converted to power and/or materials extracted or recycled
  • Additional energy can be sold on to generate revenue and biomass pellets can be used as an alternative fuel source
  • Reduction in logistics requirements

A unique, innovative and cost-saving solution


Our purpose

We are single minded in our goal to transform medical waste.

Our vision

We will help reduce and reverse the damage that waste is having on our planet.

Our mission

We aim to eliminate up to 100% of CO2 emissions generated from clinical waste.

Making waste. Work.

Working in partnership towards a greener NHS, the waste revolution starts here.
Let's get to work

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