Waste treatment system

Curo is an on-site solution to waste, the system can operate and process clinical waste 24 hours a day delivering substantial reductions in transportation and waste management costs.

End-to-end support

We will outline the environmental benefits as well as the financial benefits for NHS organisations, providing support for making investment decisions. We will assist in completing all project applications and support internal teams to calculate carbon emissions. We will help you to build a business case and simplify the procurement process.
Online training

Training and awareness

We will provide training on waste initiatives, segregation and recycling as well as raising awareness of sustainability in relation to medial waste, environmental impact and how to reduce it. Staff will also receive sterilisation system training and learn how to calculate carbon emissions.
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Implementation support

All the support needed to install the Curo system will be delivered by our team, including permit applications, processes and procedures, and risk assessments, to enable NHS Trusts and Health Boards to successfully implement the system.

End of use material

Staff will learn how to characterise materials and we will create an interface with the wider recycling industry to help develop links with companies in markets that can use the waste materials such as PPE, absorbent hygiene products, construction products and land remediation.
Waste processing unit

Waste processing unit

We will supply and install the waste processing unit, providing demonstrations and provision of operators whilst also helping to develop into other markets, such as care homes and food manufacture for the benefit of the wider economy.


We will provide ongoing maintenance and servicing of all units and systems as well as all consumables. Ongoing training and support for new staff will be provided and staff will learn how to calculate emissions for reporting.
Energy from waste

Energy from waste

As part of the NHS decarbonisation projects, a significant step is eradicating landfill of waste produced. This initiative reduces the CO2 output against burning new fuel, while contributing to the UK`s sustainable energy production. Converting clinical waste to RDF prepares the materials to be converted as fuel or other means to generate energy (R1) from incineration or landfill (D10). The potential for the NHS is to reduce on average the CO2 generation from the waste produced by 80%.

Making waste. Work.

Working in partnership towards a greener NHS, the waste revolution starts here.
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